Adapting to Technology

I was talking with a friend the other day about life and how he had been. I realized that things have changed over time and how they are so different now. The conversation gradually shifted to our latest tech devices and their apps. After a point of time, I realized how many “cool” apps I was missing and blah blah blah. Wait, what? I just realized what was missing! It was these cool stuff online which had tremendous productivity. My life would have been so much better if I had watched the “funny cat videos” on YouTube or clicked pout faced selfies and posted them online. Abacus, Chess and Aptitude lessons are just so overrated. We were all at that point where we “just can’t stop” binging on the Internet, thank to YouTube’s video suggestions and Facebook’s never ending News Feed. If this goes on, technology is gonna get smarter people are gonna get dumber. So, how should we deal with this issue?

BALANCE! Yes, thats the key! We can’t let ourselves be immersed in the virtual world that we loose sense of the real world completely nor go cold turkey on it (being alien to the current world trends, also making our life boring and miserable). Let me take mobile phones as an illustration and talk about its various categories of apps.


This is a good rule of thumb for our entertainment: Limit the apps we use for entertainment to just one or two.

For example: For the purpose of social media, use one app (preferably the most widely used one) and for games have one or two apps.


There are tons of apps which increases our productivity and makes us smarter. With some research, you can find some of these which are unique and work the best for you. Some common examples include brain training apps, memory games and so on.


These are apps without which it will be difficult to survive in the city. These include maps, e-wallets and your to-do lists.

Pick your stuff wisely, but let productivity have the highest priority. Some introspection would really add some icing to the cake.

Cheers netizens!


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