Ola is a taxi app developed by ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is an app which uses Google Maps to book cabs from your current or desired location to any destination. Once we open the app, we are directed to the ‘Book Now’ screen where we can select the type of cab that we want. There are 7 options: Auto, Share, Micro, Mini, Prime, Rentals and Outstation. Each of these has got its own price which can be confirmed during booking. The cheapest of these is ‘Share’ which discounts up to 65% of the micro rate for 2 passengers.
After a ride, the payment has to be made. It can be done in the form of cash or Ola money. Ola money can be added by clicking the 3-dotted button on the top left corner. Regular discounts are provided in the form of coupons which needs to be added after a ride and instant cashback is added to the users Ola money.

Recently, Ola has introduced a new feature called the ‘Ola Select‘ which gives users added benefits such as free WiFi, priority booking, cheaper prime rates and no peak pricing during rush hours. The cost for ola select is Rs. 499 for one month, Rs. 1299 for Rs. 1999 for 6 months.

Another new feature of Ola is the ‘Ola Share Pass‘ which gives a discount of Rs. 50 for 10, 20 and 40 rides per month. These are prices at Rs. 149, Rs. 199 and Rs, 299 respectively.
Some other features of Ola include:

SOS (alerts your close contacts in case of an emergency).

Ola groups (for planned trips with selected contacts).

Customer Support.


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