Internet Addiction

It was just another regular Monday afternoon. Tina returned home from work. Almost as an involuntary action, she logged in to Facebook, checking the news feed and other featured content. After an hour or so, she opened her WhatsApp and checked the conversations and posted her replies too. While she was doing so, she sends a selfie to her friend on Snapchat. Well, now she was multitasking. Before she could realize, it was almost night. It almost seems like such an ‘hectic’ errand that she has to run daily. ”This isn’t good” she thought. But it seems a regular thing to do for her. Like Tina, there are thousands, probably millions around the world who face Internet Addiction. It may seem so ironic the fact that you are reading this online or even that I posted it on the web. To make it clear, I am pro technology. However, there is an other side to the story as well. Let us see some cases of Internet Addiction around the world. In China, there are children who are addicted to internet gaming and spend around 12 hours per day on the internet, causing a bad impact on their education. Bitcoins, the internet currency, is achieved by ‘working’ online and reaping the ‘benefits’ and believe it or not, there are people who sell a fortune in order to acquire this. These are just some of the cases. Studies suggest that the reason we are addicted to the internet is due to dopamine, the hormone that is released when use the internet and gives us the sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Negative effects of Internet addiction could include sleep deprivation, loss of family time and major effects on the human brain reducing productivity.So, are we doomed? Or is there a way out of this? While we cannot go cold turkey on the Internet because of its relevance in the modern world, there are ways in which we can control its usage and its adverse effects:

A digital diet is suggested for everyday Internet users. Just like how we have a diet for our food. We can plan a ‘digital diet’ for ourselves. As in the case of food, how overeating would lead to bad health effects, the same can be applied to the Internet. A digital diet will be unique for each person and needs to be planned by the individual in a discrete manner as some of them would require more usage due to work. We can determine for ourselves how much time we allot for the internet per day and persistently follow it in order to benefit our lives as well as of those around us.


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