Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It is one of the largest used web browsers in the world. Google Chrome is synced with user’s Gmail id. It gives access to all Google Web apps such as YouTube, Gmail and so on. The Home Page of Google Chrome gives pretty simple user interface consisting of the following Web Interface:


The Unified Resource Locater bar is present at the top of the web page. To go to a website, type the web address in the URL bar or search Google for any results.


The Home button is indicated at the left side of the URL bar with a |^| symbol. The default Home Address can be set in the Settings->Appearance->Show Home Button->Change.


Settings can be accessed by clicking the three-dotted button at the top of the Web Page.


History can also be accessed by clicking the three-dotted button at the top of the Web Page.

The Web Interface listed above can be modified using the following features.


1) Theme:

Google Chrome allows customized themes that can be set by user by going to themes in the chrome website.

2) Extensions:

Extensions are present in the web browser to give additional functionality to the web page by some apps. Some of the popular extensions include IDM, HTTPS everywhere and Magic Actions for YouTube.

3) Bookmarks:

Users can Bookmark websites that they often want to visit. These Bookmarks appear on the Bookmarks bar on top of the URL bar.  They can be edited and its order can be changed by the user by drag-and-drop.  To Bookmark a page, enter the URL and click the ‘star’ button on the right side of the URL.

4) Plug-ins:

Plug-ins are programs that are integrated into the web browser. They provide video streaming, VoIP and other important functionalities in order for applications to function well and interact with each other.

5) Tabs:

Tabs allow users to visit multiple websites at the same time. To create a new tab, click the square button at the top of the screen or press CTRL+T.

6) Incognito:

By going Incognito in google chrome, all the user’s activity will not be saved on the computer. However, it does not hide data from the network provider. It can be accessed by clicking the three-dotted button at the top right corner of the web page or by pressing CTRL+N.

7) Downloads:

All content downloaded on the web can Google Chrome can be viewed by going to the three-dotted button on top right side of the page and selecting downloads or by pressing CTRL+J. The default location of downloaded files on the computer can be changed by going to Settings->Show Advanced Settings-> Downloads-> Download Location and change the folder.

8) Settings:

The Settings consist of all preferences of a user on Google Chrome. To see al the settings, click the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ on the bottom of the page.

Guest Browsing: Guest browsing can be enabled by going to Settings->People->Enable Guest Browsing. In Guest browsing, the browser doesn’t access the gmail id of the user and less functionality is displayed in the browser.

9) Auto-fill Forms and Passwords:

This feature is very useful as passwords and other fields get automatically filled by the web browser itself. When we fill any form online, an alert pops up asking if we want to save the form, if we select yes, then it automatically fills the form the next time we visit the page. Already existing forms can be edited by going to Settings->Passwords and Forms.

10) Web Content:

Web Content manages the Fonts, Font Size and the Page Zoom of pages loaded on the Web Browser. It can be accessed from Settings->Web Content.

11) Language:

Languages can be selected in Settings->Languages. Also, an optional Sell Checker is available in the same field.


The Bottom Line is this:

Google Chrome provides a simplistic user interface to users and also facilitates faster loading of web pages compared to other browsers. Its sync with Google apps gives it even more dynamic functionality to provide users with a more connected view of the Internet.


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