SAP Business One Review

The Business one is an ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) developed by SAP. It is suitable for small to medium size businesses. It is used mainly for financial accounting capabilities like financial statements, parallel valuation and General Ledger support. The SAP Business One is mainly known for its customization capabilities. Let us see how:

The Software has numerous functions like finance, logistics and CRM. The users can add or remove these features based on their specific needs. Though this may take some time to figure out initially, it will be simpler as the users continue to explore. The main financial components of the software are given below:


The main modules in SAP Business One are:

1) Administration:

The initial set-up of core applications is done here.

2) Financials:

The Chart of Accounts and core Journal entries are done in this module.

3) Opportunities:

Tracking of potential sales and services by the software.

4) Sales A/R:

The Sales flow is managed in this section.

5) Purchasing A/R:

Purchase flow is managed in this section.

6) Business partners:

Here, the master of lead, Customer and Supplier are managed.

7) Banking:

Incoming and Outgoing payments are created.

8) Inventory:

The master data of goods to be sold/purchased are maintained and their quantity in warehouse is tracked.

9) Resources:

Master of resources to be used in production are defined.

10) Production:

Bills of materials master data are maintained and production orders are created.

11) Project Management:

The section where projects are defined.

12) Material Management Planning (MRP):

Forecasts of needed items in sales or production are defined to make purchase order recommendations.

13) Service:

Management of service contracts are maintained and service calls are created.

14) Human Resources:

This section deals with the master data of employees.



Customizable Features.

ERP functionality is easy.

High flexibility of software features.

Has excellent analytical capabilities.


Software may require a professional to handle at times.

Cost is high.

Slow runtime of transactions.

Customer Service and Support is poor.


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