ProsperWorks CRM Review

The ProsperWorks CRM is one of the largest CRM’s in the market right now. It is cloud based software and is integrated with Google Apps. Integration with the Google apps has enabled automation and also simplified the work to a large extent. It has done so by utilising Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts and Google Calendar to work in sync with the software. Let us see how:


Contacts in Gmail can added to ProsperWorks and their email id is automatically retrieved for business transactions.


Google Calendar can be used to schedule meeting with customers or clients and send them invites through Gmail.

Google Drive:

Files in Google Drive can be attached in mail when sending emails to customers.


Apart from the existing contacts, new contacts are suggested by ProsperWorks for Business deals based on their Customers Company or Work.


The main features in ProsperWorks include Sales Pipeline Visualisation, Pipeline Custom Filter, Automation of Tasks and Email and Activity Tracking. These processes are done through a series of stages:

1) Adding Contacts:

On the Gmail interface, we can see a small icon on the right for ProsperWorks. Clicking on that will open Contacts which are present in our Gmail id. Contacts can be added to ProsperWorks by clicking ‘Add to ProsperWorks’ below the contact details. This will automatically sync their email, work and company.

2) Creating Pipelines:

There are existing Pipeines such as Sales. However, new pipelines can be created as per user need by clicking the ‘Create New Pipeline’ from the drop-down menu.

3) Track sales opportunities:

Once contacts are added and suitable pipelines are created, we need to create opportunities for business. For this, we need to open ProsperWorks in a ‘Web View’ (Settings->Open in Web). After doing this, select the pipeline for business transaction. Here, the Transactions, Qualification and Volume of Transaction by the customer can be selected. Furthermore, meeting can be scheduled in the Google Calendar which is synced with our Gmail id. Opportunities in the pipeline can be designed and edited by us by going to Settings->Customize Pipeline.

Opportunities can be of three types:

Lost: The Opportunities which do not get selected.

Abandoned: The opportunities which are left out.

Won: the Opportunities which are agreed upon by both the parties.

In the pipeline view, opportunities are indicated with a coloured dot below them. These colours have indications:

Grey: Indicates an existing opportunity.

Yellow: An Opportunity which is coming up in the calendar.

Red: Opportunities which are overdue.


Additional features:

Some other features of the Pipelines are described below:

Pipeline progression report:

The Pipeline Progression Report has a detailed overview of opportunities in different pipelines. They give a view of the opportunities Open, Won, Lost and Abandoned. Filters can be added based on Priority, Source, Company and Date Added by selecting the Filter button on the top left corner.




If you are familiar with Google products and know how to use them, then you won’t have any problem using ProsperWorks. It’s as simple as that.

Automation of tasks:

Manual management of tasks can be a little too tedious. Using ProsperWorks, we can create a new automated workflow or reuse an existing one.

Up to date entry:

Data being modified or entered real time is automatically synced on the cloud providing real time access.

Centralized point of access:

All the different processes like mail, conversations and notes are displayed in a central view to the user.



A Person can be assigned only to a single company.

Suggested contacts take up a lot of space on the Dashboard.

Business model lacks depth.

Customer Support is not up to the mark.


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