PipeDrive Review

PipeDrive is a CRM for small to medium size businesses. PipeDrive has a pipeline process for making deals. When we start off the software, we have to create a new pipeline in the new settings section or add an existing one.

The software consists of contact information collection where the details of all the customers are entered. Forms can be customized text and options. Further, these forms can be uploaded into the web.

After creating a pipeline stage and entering customer information, we need to create deals. To do so, click the “Add Deal’ section. It will ask us to enter the customer information along with pipeline process that we want to use.

PipeDrive has an activity Scheduler present next to any deal. It will tell us if there are activities scheduled for the deal or any activities pending. We can add them to existing calendar preventing double booking.

PipeDrive has a support for Outlook and gmail. Moreover, emails are synced so that there is no need of toggling between the Pipedrive and inbox. Emails for deals can be viewed in contact entries. Emails can also be associated with deals in the pipeline.

The Dashboard consists of statistics for viewing the value of new deals, and also deals which are won and lost by the customers.. These columns can be edited or filtered for deals in the ‘Edit Filter’ window.


Additional Features:

Some of the additional features of PipeDrive are:

Third Party integration:

PipeDrive can integrate Google apps, MailChimp and Zapier to name a few. Also, PipeDrive provides users with a forwarding address in order to share important emails with the team.

Mobile Applications:

PipeDrive has apps for both Android and iOS which provide an intuitive interface for users. They are simple to use and easy to navigate. Some additional features in these apps include call tracking, logging calls, notes, link to deals and scheduling follow up activities.


Under the Live Dashboard, the status of the deals by people, activities and wins and losses are displayed. In the Statics section, we can see the reports of the persons or the organization.


PipeDrive has a FAQs section and toll free service in US, UK and Canada. They can also be accessed on social media. Tweets get responded to in 12 hours.

To sum it up, PipeDrive has got a simple workflow for processes to occur. It gives a detailed view of the performance to the users about the management and also gives the sales growth of the company.


Software is easy to use.

Intuitive Interface.

Support for Google Apps.

Ease of switching to other software.


Less functionality.

Inconsistency in App.

No landscape view.


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